Today is Ada Lovelace Day! ❤

Paola DM
Oct 31, 2020
Ada Lovelace picture and Albert Einstein’s quote.
Ada Lovelace and Albert Einstein’s quote.

Here Ada Lovelace, my first web page I built 2 years ago at @codebar. I remember that while I was following the tutorial’s explanation, her story caught my mind and got inspired.

One of codebar organizer shared these words today:

“Ada Lovelace Day (ALD) is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. It aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and, in doing so, create new role models who will encourage more girls into those careers and support women already working within.

Follow your passion, follow your dreams and follow your heart. “ A. Teagle

There are interesting offers and job opportunities around, sometimes alas, if you go too close the soap bubble bursts. So what you can do is get up and look at the next one. Always remember to follow your dreams even in this crucial time!

Companies sooner or later will understand the value of juniors, that training someone from a different background is more enriching than stick to a format, that a product is create for a final consumer that is a human being and this user can be just like your odd coworker too introverted, just because we are afraid to make the first move to integrate him/her/them in the team. That day we will be there we will be all #differently there.

Diversity is not only related to ethnicity or gender, inclusiveness is not only a ratio. How life could be easier if only we look each other into our eyes without bias or hypocrisy.

Happy Ada Lovelace to all my network.

preview of Ada Lovelace’s tribute page, inspired by codebar tutorial
my tribute page to Ada Lovelace (inspired by codebar tutorial)

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